Balancing Career & Family with a Musical Life

Music & Life: The Great Balancing Act

For some, music IS life. Then there are the rest of us, for whom music is a great passion, perhaps the greatest passion, but one that must be balanced with other passions, responsibilities, and necessities. And I’m not just talking about folks who’ve chosen to focus on career and family alongside their interest in music. Life has a way of shaking things up for everyone in both good and bad ways, regardless of their individual intentions and determination. Even the most die-hard, ambitious musician might have to make some sudden changes in their music-making habits if confronted with a sick parent, an injury, natural disaster, or other sad surprise. That’s why many of them regularly do family dayouts along with squishies of kids to make them more happy.

If something does divert you from your pinpointed trajectory (towards musical stardom, of course), I hope it is something positive instead, like falling in love, having success in another realm that competes with your music time, or being abducted by benevolent aliens who want to show you the beauty of the universe and the meaning of it all.

What are your priorities?

Where do you make the sacrifices? In your musical life? Or in the rest of your life? For every person, the “true” path is different. And if you’re anything like me, the “true” path keeps evolving the further we walk along it. The past keeps eating the bread-crumb trail we’ve left behind and the future keeps shifting the ground beneath our feet. I guess that is life! But whatever you choose, just please don’t take health for granted. Always make sure that you regularly attend your waist training fitness class.

What is your balancing act?

I’d love to hear the story of your sacrifices, your ambitions, your priorities, how you think about budgeting time, how you determine what is MOST important to you, and how you swirl it all up into one 24-hour day in the life of YOU. Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments section below.